The Best Pork Restaurant In Kota Kinabalu

If you love pork then you must read on. There are only a handful of specialized pork restaurant in KK. I do not know why only a few when we have so many pork noodles shops. 

Chubs Grill
@Shell Plaza

Without doubt Chubs is the most popular pork resto in KK because it was one of the earliest to open. Even way before Morganfield. Its first shop was at Karamunsing Capital before they decided to go big. They have since become one of the hot dining place to be in KK.

I love their smoked duck salad. Their bacon and cheese spaghetti is super rich. I do not recommend eating it alone. As for their signature BBQ pork ribs it was tender and very tasty.

It is not advisable to come here without a reservation. The queue can be long.
Restaurant Der Master
@Shell Plaza

Their sausages were a little too salty for my taste. The potato portion that came with the sausage dish was very small. You can count it. 7 pieces. 

The prawn salad was fresh. Love the cheese but only two miserable prawns. 

Yeah this restaurant is not very big on the portion.

We also had their creme brulee for dessert. That was pretty good. 

Pusas The Smokehouse
@The Peak Vista Shoplots

Pusas is located at Peak Vista so finding a parking can be a pain. 

This restaurant is well known for its burger but in this maiden visit we decided to go for their homemade sausages. The portion was huge enough to feed two person. You can check out their Facebook page to view the rest of their menu.

I would come back here frequently if parking is not a hassle. Love that they are not stingy with the portion.

@Imago Mall

This is an American franchise so the price is on the high side. If you are looking for something cheaper do not come here. 

Without doubt their pork ribs is to die for.

Jacknife Bar & Grill
@Plaza 333

I do not know why I keep going to this restaurant when I do not find their pork dishes worth to scream about. Maybe it is the fact that they do not serve mainly pork dishes. 

Jacknife emphasis more on grill food so you can find grill chicken, grill lamb, grill salmon and of course grill pork chop.

Their fish and chips left a lasting impression on me because it comes with huge chunks of battered broccoli and cauliflower. Also its NOT dory.