The Best Banana Leaf Rice In Kota Kinabalu

Unlike KL, the indian community in Sabah is very small so there are only a handful of banana leaf restaurant in KK. I like indian cooking but the spiciness does not abode well with chronic gastric.

Krishna Fish Head Curry Restaurant
Grand Millenium

Krishna is my favorite among all the banana leaf resto because of their chicken peratal set. I love the spice and taste of that dish. The uniqueness of Krishna is that each set meal comes with a milk tea at the end of your meal complimentary of the house.

Sri Latha Curry House
Jalan Berjaya Bandaran

This restaurant has been around for a very long time but because it is hidden in a row of shophouses at Bandaran area which I rarely visited. I did not know it existed until 5 years ago. If Kristna gives free tea, here they give complimentary chutney or mint and a cup of rasam.

I found their fried chicken too red and looks to me like food coloring so I am not so tight about this place. Portion are some what bigger than the others resto tho.

Jothy's Fish Head Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant
Api-api Center

Jothy is my less favorite shop because it is way pricey and no freebies. However it is the coldest because the shop is air conditioned.

No photo yet. Coming Soon.

Radhas Banana Leaf Restaurant
Plaza Wawasan

The most unique thing about Radhas is that they serves 7 types of vegetables for your set meal. The portions are sadly small. About one table spoon size per vege. I guess they are not stingy but still you get that feeling if you know what I mean. Food are terribly spicy for my taste tho.