The Biggest Pork Ball Ever

I stumbled upon this restaurant not by coincidence. In fact I have been to this restaurant a few times but normally for the usual casual dinner.

However I never came here for breakfast because it is out of the way for me. I wanted to put this restaurant in the article I already posted under Pork Noodles but I felt the size of the pork ball needed its own article.

There is no words to describe the size of it. You can choke on the balls if you are not careful. I wonder if anyone had choke on it before.

I was visiting my beautician oneday whose shop was just around the corner. I noticed a huge crowd. Out of curiousity I asked my beautician what do the served there that had drawn such a huge crowd for breakfast. And she told me it was the meat ball. It was bigger than usual.

Now many weeks passed by before I finally found a time to visit this restaurant.

If you like eating chun kien or Hakka pork roll then this is the restaurant for you. They probably do their own pork rolls because I see many customers bought fresh ones.

Even the chun kien size is unusually larger than usual. I think the price per bowl at the time of writing at RM8 is pretty reasonable.

They also serve fried chun kien, stuff tofu, stuff eggplant and a few unique side dishes which I have not seen before. It is worth to try them another day.

Best of all they also sell Tg Aru famous curry puff there. I bought six to bring home for later tea break.

By the way Ho Yuan restaurant is located right next to Cempaka Square Sport Club. You can also visit this restaurant in the evening for dinner.