The Best Fine Dining in Kota Kinabalu

Fine dining is never cheap. I notice KK fine dining breaks down into 2 type. High end where you need at least RM 250 to spend on a meal for two and usually covers all hotel restaurant. And then there is the low end where RM 150 is the minimum requirement and the usual restaurant comes in.

Peppino Restaurant
Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and SpaTanjung Aru

I came to this restaurant for my birthday dinner in 2017 but sadly was slightly disappointed with the ambiance. It did not come with the low light fine dinning experience that I was expecting.

Free bread for starter. We ordered a lobster salad (Aragosta),  Ravioli (only 5 pieces) and 180 day old beef cheek. The salad was good. The ravioli was ok. The beef was sad. It was not tender and the accompanying sauce was even more sad. 

However what I did like was the complimentary Tiramisu dessert that came along for free. We also applied for membership which gave us further discount to the total price of RM 326.00 

Ferdinand's Restaurant
The Magellan Sutera Resort

This time it was hubby's birthday. I called in advance to book a table and told them it was a birthday meal for two. They gave us a table overlooking the pool and the table was nicely set up.

A slice of birthday cake came complimentary and there was a band serenading us. There was a promotion on during this weekend so we were lucky. You can order three type of dishes from the menu and you also get a free mini buffet at the same time. All for RM 125.00 per person. This promotion is no longer available.

Api-api Center2

This is the latest fine dining restaurant to open in KK. I think somewhere in 2017. At first hubby did not want to come to this restaurant because he felt the concept of food and laundry is toxic.

However it turned out quite fine in the end. The owner separated the washing machines from the dining area with a glass wall. So you can still see the machines lined up from end to end but you cannot touch it. 

This is a very small restaurant. A piece of lemon pie can cost RM 20.00 so this can tell you the price range for this restaurant. Maryland chicken, lemon pie and ravioli cost came up to RM 102.00