Slot Machines in Kota Kinabalu Vs Macau Casinos

Who said Kota Kinabalu do not have casinos? It might not be considered your usual idea of a casino where the venue is normally big, bright and vibrant. In Sabah, it is hidden, not published and scattered. No table games only slot machines are available.

A typical private room contains one slot machine with toilet attached
It is NOT an illegal operation. It is far from that. The operators are just not allowed to promote gambling thus hidden and unspoken.

Back in those days the state government allowed the clubs to apply for one arm bandit or slot machines. Government strict regulations eventually put an end to these and there are no longer slot machines license issued. 

The slot machines proved over the years the most important source of income to the clubs. Some have evolved into constructing bigger buildings and more glamorous ambiance for players.

There are 45 clubs operating in Sabah and 445 slots machines. If you think about it, 445 slots machines is actually more than Sands Macau Casino has. 

Some minister has proposed to build one big casino just like Genting but no news so far and I doubt it will materialized soon.

KK clubs open 24 hours. Each club has an approval for 10 slot machines and maybe some lesser. Of course there are pretty attendees with short skirt to look into your needs.

Some of the bigger clubs have more than 1 restaurant. They may even have bar & lounges, function rooms for rent and gym room.

Clubs in KK provides free food and free drinks with no minimum bet which I think is cooler than Macau. They do not charge you for the food or drinks whether it is two person or a group of you. At least the losses if any is not too bad when you get a return to eat and drink for free.

Most clubs offer private room where a slot machine is housed and you can do whatever you want in the room. Each private room has a toilet attached. Makes you feel like a VIP even although you are only betting RM 100.00 

Like I said way more value for money than going to Macau Casinos.

Private room with shower facilities
Most of the clubs compete to promote their lounges and restaurants featuring sexy band girls and special discounts on food or drinks. They also do not have their own website which is probably prohibited.

Every player should be a member of the club but authorities normally looked the other way.

The list of Clubs In Kota Kinabalu :-

Ewest Club (Luyang)
Blue Seven Club (Penampang)
Moretune Club (Likas)
Djunction Club (Lido)
KGK Annex Club (Penampang)
Runway Club (Tanjung Aru)
Cempaka Square (Penampang)
The Cruise Club (Tanjung Aru)
Pantai Club (Tanjung Aru)
Arriva Club (Lintas)
Airways Club (Putatan)
Cherry Klubb (Inanam)
Jack & Pot Club (Penampang)
Damai Club (Bundusan)
BC Club (Sadong Jaya)
Venition Club (Lido)
The Kinabalu Club Annex (Lido)
TNGC Club House (Bundusan)
Gaya Sport & Recreation Club (Inanam)
Old Star Sport & Recreation Club (Lido)
Sabah Polo Association (Luyang)
Kinabalu Golf Club (Tanjung Aru) - Strictly for members only (5 slot machines) 
Metropot (Metrotown)

Fajar Club
Perdana Sports & Recreation Club