The Best Korean Food In Kota Kinabalu

I was never a fan for Korean food because I find most of their food spicy and kind of bland. 

My curiosity for Korean food bloomed after watching one of the Korean Drama, Jewel In The Place, which tells the tale of an orphaned kitchen cook who went on to become the king's first female physician. The whole 54 series talks about cooking which arouse my interest to visit a Korean Restaurant.

After doing some research I realized KK does have a large number of Korean restaurant.

Hi Seoul Korean Restaurant Likas Square

This restaurant is by far the most affordable and popular for KK peeps. And I have to agree with them. The price is really very reasonable and cheaper than other restaurant. It is located at Likas Square. You can view the menu at their FACEBOOK PAGE

Kimbab Restaurant One Borneo

This restaurant is located inside One Borneo Mall. I find Kimbab food much more tastier than Hi Seoul but do not take my word for it, go and try it yourself.

Supul Korean BBq City Mall 

You also find a Korean restaurant in City Mall. Its located on the 1st floor outside from the main building. Tried their Bibimbap and fried dumplings.

Bintulu Korean Restaurant Lintas Plaza

I am also wonder why Bintulu? Bintulu is a state in Sarawak. The food here is very pricey. I have only been here once and probably never again.

The Korean Club Restaurant Tanjung Aru

Looking for fancy fine dining Korean Style? This restaurant is located inside a bungalow near to Shangrila Tanjung Aru Hotel. Its been there for ages and I have only tried their food twice. Great ambience and romantic setting. Great for couples and those who wants to impress their girlfriend. 

Seoul Garden Likas aka The Bab's

This restaurant is housed inside Premier Golf Center or a golf driving range. That the uniqueness of this outlet. After swinging a few rounds you head up to chow down on some delicious bulgogi.

Seoul Garden BBQ Buffet

This is a buffet bbq style franchise restaurant. Currently they have two outlet at One Borneo Mall and Imago Mall. You need to be really hungry to make your money's worth. One adult dinner pax cost RM44.00 If you are not a big eater better do not go here.