Bus Service In Kota Kinabalu

While I was waiting for my ride to pick me up from the airport I noticed that KK airport has now a bus service similar to those you find at KLIA (airasia skybus). The last time I rode on the bus was many years ago probably in my twenties. 

I believe the slow development of KK transportation is due to the fact that most locals prefer to drive. Then again most locals prefer to drive because we got lousy transportation services. Most buses are without air conditioned, looks unclean and always crowded during peak hours. 

Luckily the airport buses looks nice. I will not elaborate more about this bus because someone else already wrote a very nice detailed article about it. You can read more about it BY CLICKING HERE

You can find the airport bus counter just right outside the international arrival hall. 

To find out about buses heading out of KK city such as Ranau, Keningau, Kudat etc, you can CLICK HERE.

You can also travel out of Sabah to our neighbour Brunei or Sarawak by taking the bus. This website even allows online booking. CLICK HERE

If you want to see the route map of buses serving KK city you can CLICK HERE. However do take note that the bus terminal is located at different areas in KK city. Hopefully when the main bus terminal is completed we will have a more centralized bus service in this city. 

As I was googling more information to write this article, I realize there is NO such thing as proper information provided by our government or Sabah tourism board. Even as a local I find there is lacking of proper information in this area. How can you expect a non local to travel in this city of ours.

Seriously, our government need to buck up.

Nevertheless, luckily some smart IT dude invented UBER and GRAB. With this two app, you can travel around KK without problem. UBER and GRAB fares are reasonable and way way cheaper than normal taxis. DO NOT TAKE KK TAXIS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS OVER PRICED. They also DO NOT USE METER. You are warned.

One more way to get around KK is to drive yourself. Google maps and WAZE are pretty good app to use for getting around the city. However you do need to take note that finding parking at certain area can give you a migraine. The best advice I can give you is to find the nearest mall or building with parking and park there. The price for parking at a mall maybe be a little higher but it will save you a lot of time going round and round looking for one at the street side. 

You may also need to take note that all city street parking needs parking coupon and price goes according to the color code painted on the parking lot. Yes I love our government (sarcastically written). Again there is nothing written about the cost for each parking lot color.

Quoted from Borneo Post article "Currently, parking spaces under the jurisdiction of DBKK are divided into three categories: A1 or red zone, A or yellow zone (short term) and B or green zone (long term). For category A1, the parking fee is at RM1 for every 30 minutes, whereas category A is RM0.50 for every 30 minutes, and category B RM0.50 per hour."  CLICK HERE to read article