Nasi Kukus D Garden Vs Uncle Garry

Remember do not judge the book by its cover. The above nasi lemak set is nothing compared to the perfect pretty set of Uncle Garry's Nasi Kerabu.

Look at that picture. So pretty with green, blue, brown with a hint of red. All food photographer will be happy to take a photo of this plate. But like I said do not judge the book by its cover.

Firstly let me talk briefly about Uncle Garry. Uncle Garry restaurant is located at Kg Nasohob Kohizan. A set of the above meal cost RM15.00 inclusive of drinks and dessert. Even the dessert is pretty. See Below. So it is kind of unique to have a meal of this kind from time to time. However at RM15.00 a set, it might be a long time in between. 

Their fried chicken is not as tasty as I would like it to be and neither is the sambal to scream about. Basically its all about the look with Uncle Garry in my opinion.

Now here comes my view on Nasi Kukus D' Garden originally located at Taman Chong Thien Vun. This Taman is located right next door to the old court house in the city. Oneday the city hall decided to close it down. Probably due to hygeince matter. They have two outlet that I know of located at Alamesra and at Putatan Plaza Mahkota. 

I cannot explain how delicious their Ayam Berempah (Chicken with Spice) until you try it yourself.

Closed down outlet at Taman Chong Thien Vun

Nasi Kukus D Garden Restaurant serves one of the best fried chicken berempah ever. It is so tasty and their nasi lemak sambal is to die for. Between nasi kukus and nasi lemak I find the nasi lemak has better portion than the other.

Everything is wrapped up into banana leaf and brown paper. There is nothing fancy in the way it is served that is why the end product looks unappealing but the taste is another thing. It cost RM7.50 for one meal and it also comes with free cordial drink if you eat in.