Megalong Mall Donggongon

Megalong Mall is located at Donggongon township about 10km from Kota Kinabalu City. The mall looks dreary and needs major refurbishment. I think this is the only mall where the management seemed ignorant with the upkeep of the mall or else vandalism is a major reoccurrence here. Every time I visit this mall there is always a new crack or a broken something.

This mall is not terribly large so you will not find any famous brand here. It has lots of small shops selling cheap clothing even 2nd hand ones. 

Despite being one of the smaller malls, it has a cinema on the 5th floor. Megalong cinema has only four theaters but has much better facilities than those at Growball Centerpoint Sabah Shopping Complex.

The food court is no longer at the 2nd Floor and has been replaced with a DIY shop. 

You can find eateries scattered over all floors. I find most of them serving Chicken Rice. Maybe the locals preferred this kind of meal because it is cheap and fast. 

If you are not interested in Pizza Hut, Marry Brown or the Bento Restaurant on the ground floor, you can always walk across the road to visit the local restaurants located at Donggongon Shop lots.

A medium size Giant Supermarket can be found at the end of the Mall where you can grab some groceries. If you want more varieties then head out to Donggongon Wet Market just outside the Mall entrance.

In my opinion Megalong is famous for its hair saloons. They are not only plenty but also cheap. You cannot find cheaper hair services in other malls.