Shopping in Suria Sabah

Suria Sabah is a shopping mall that has grown slowly but surely to be one of the top malls for KK folks. Its iconic glass shape dome is unique and makes in stand out among KK buildings.

As for shopping, this is my favourite place to shop among all the malls in KK. I like the part that they have Metrojaya Department Store as their anchor tenant. Beside that I guess its because of the shoes. I like shoes and I find this mall has more shoes being sold than any others malls. There is Metrojaya of course with their huge collection of branded shoes, Lea Centre, Bata, Clark and many more.

Daiso Japan is found at the basement and sold many items at only RM5.30 each. I like the price so this is where I get most of my props for my food photography.

If you are looking for supermarket then head to the 3rd floor and look for City Grocer. This supermarket sells quite a number of imported goods. Most of the local stuff can be slightly more expensive than our local supermarket. 

If you are hungry for franchise food like KFC and Kenny's then go down to basement. For me, I prefer the local stuff and I usually go to the food court at 3rd Floor

I find there is limited food outlet at this food court but you cannot beat the view tho. If you are looking for one overlooking the sea with no extra cost then Suria food court is a must go. The view is breathtaking during sun set and can be pretty romantic at night. However this mall closes at 10.00 so no more lovey dovey cheap version after that. You can head up to GLASS which has a nice roof top open terrace but no view of the sea. 

On the the eight floor is where you will find the amusement arcade and the cinema. GSC cinema is a place I use to frequent until Suria management jack up the parking charges. Now days I go to Growball cinema because price is cheaper. 

Grandis Hotel is connected to this mall. Great for rainy days and if you are a shopping freak. No need umbrella and no need to walk far. The other hotel within a stones throw is Gaya Centre Hotel. Its a cheaper version of Grandis of course. 

More budget hotels is found across the street at Jalan Gaya. You can find plenty in this street and it is not very far from Suria.

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