Shopping in Center Point Sabah

Center Point Sabah was once my favorite mall until newer malls started sprouting like mushrooms every where. A certain group of KK folks do not like this mall because there are too many non local citizens that hang out here. 
Personally I do not mind them but I would avoid holidays. That is the time they will come out in droves to Center Point to meet up. The mall can get pretty crowded then.

CPS is known for its vast entertainment arcade on the 8th floor housing a movie theater with 9 auditoriums, two amusement arcade, snooker center, karaoke booths and a 28 lane bowling centre. Growball cinema also sells the cheapest movie ticket in the town. However the condition of its auditoriums is not the cleanest or the most comfortable.

This mall is also the place if you are looking to buy a new hand phone beside Karamunsing Kompleks. Most of the hand phone outlets are located on the ground at City Parade.

Queens departmental store is the anchor tenant here with its own supermarket at the ground floor. Queens is the third management operating the store since CPS opened. I am not sure if it will be the last. Clothing stores are scatteredly located in different floor. You can find limited branded stores on the fourth floor called Palm Square. This floor has an 80ft atrium with a sky roof which makes it quite warm throughout the day.

The best part about CPS is its closed vicinity to Wawasan Square which is another mini shopping centre just a stones throw away. In the heydays, Wawasan Square has many branded stores. Now it has lost much of its luster because most stores prefer to operate in newer malls. The closest hotel to CPS is located here, namely;

Le Hotel
Celyn Hotel
The Klagan Hotel

Beside the three above, there are many other hotels within walking distance from zero star to 5 star category. 

Due to its close proximity to many hotels, CPS is the main tourist stop. You are bound to meet many people from different countries.

Food is not CPS greatest strength. There is a food court at basement level which serves local cuisine at reasonably cheap price. If you are looking for something with ambiance then go up to Palm Square. Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant is by far my favorite place to eat at CPS. I love the taste of their fragrant rice that comes when you order steam or roasted chicken. Five Star has many branches throughout KK but none other has the tasty fragrant rice found here.