The Best Fish Noodle In Kota Kinabalu

KK is famous for its seafood so of course there are plenty of restaurant offering their own version of fish noodles soup. 

But my favorite and still undefeated until today is Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant located at Hilltop area, Kolam Centre 3. 

The sweet tangy tomatoes is what probably gives this noodle that special broth with a tiny sting of chili. It does not have a fishy taste.This is what for me makes it special. The fish cake and fish balls taste home made. Unlike the other fish noodle shops which taste like they had bought the balls from the main wet market in city.

Fatt Kee also serve fungi which is a pancake of fish paste fried with bean curd skin. Its not too dry like others. Its spongy, moist and very tasty. 

Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee - Located at Bandaran

This noodle uses salted vege as one of its main ingredient.

How Kee Restaurant - Metro town 

How Kee also serves tomato based soup which I like and is almost similiar to Fatt Kee's but not quite there. Due to pricing differences including parking fees at Metro, I would still stick to Fatt Kee.

Kedai Kopi Dat Seng

Located nearby Inanam Bus Station, this fish shop offers fresh or fried slice fish in chunky size. If you are looking for fish slice and NOT fish paste then this is the place. Other restaurants also offer fish slices but this restaurant is very generous with their portion and cost half the price.

They also offer the soup in four type; Bayam (spinach), Peria (bitter gourd), Ham Choi Tao Foo (salted vege and bean curd - see pic) and Tom Yam.

Madam Ing Fish Noodle

This restaurant is a little tricky to get to. Its located at the back of Towering Penampang thru a one way entrance. The portion of fish slices is not as much as I would have like considering the price for a bowl is RM12.00 

Kedai Kopi Ocean King

Located at Beverly Hills Shoplots in one of the back lanes. You can see the cost of each bowl in the picture below. As for taste, it is just not there for me.

Kedai Kopi Yun Yu

This Kedai Kopi Yun Yu is located at Foh Sang Shop Lot. I found this place quite by accident. I rarely venture to Foh Sang because its hard to find parking around this area day and night. That day we decided to go have a look at what Foh Sang Restaurants have to offer. The price for one bowl is reasonable at RM7 for mixed fish noodle. They are also very generous with their portion. Lots of vegetables especially chinese cabbage so not very good for those who do not like vegetable. They use clear soup as their broth and not too much MSG.

88 Food Court Asia City

There is stall at 88 Food Court Asia City that sells the best Fish Mee in town. Fish Mee is different from the above because the noodle is actually made from fish paste. The taste and texture is similar to eating spongy fish ball. They use clear soup for the broth which allows the fish mee to stand out. One bowl cost RM8.00

Kedai Kopi Wan Wan

How could I miss this shop? I mean like it is famous too when I observe the amount of locals that goes there. Perhaps Fatt Kee really does over shadow every single fish shop in town. Wan wan is located at the back of Hsk Industrial Centre or opposite to Damai Sport Club. There is also another shop with the same name along the same row of shops as Super Tanker Restaurant. Could be their sister shop but I am not sure.

I have to give credit to Wan wan for their generous portion of fish slices that only cost RM7.50 per bowl. This is perhaps the cheapest in town. Not surprising the throngs of customers that comes here. Drinks here is self service tho and delivery of food a little slow. It could be because I went there at peak hour. :)

Tung Fung Seafood Restaurant

This shop is located near inanam area. You can easily find it using google map. Expect to find a big crowd of people. 

The soup was okay not too fishy. They do not have a proper Tomyam soup only Assam Pedas type. The fish balls taste like commercially bought and not homemade. Definitely cannot compete with my favorite fish noodle shop.