Shopping in Karamunsing Kompleks Kota Kinabalu

Karamunsing Kompleks is one of the oldest malls in Kota Kinabalu. Since it was bought over by new management this mall has grown better in term of customer traffic but more chaotic in terms of shop directions.

The new management had created a lot of new shop spaces and smaller shops at every corner they can build it. What used to be car park had been converted into shop lots so at peak hours it can be hard to find parking here.

There are five main store selling kitchen appliances and home electrical goods here. You can do a lot of bargain hunting until you find the cheapest. It just required you to run around because the stores are located at different level.

Top Kinabalu – Basement
Fuji Electric – Ground Floor
Huat Ming – 2nd Floor
Emart – 3rd Floor
Sen Q – Basement
Chan Furniture – Ground Floor

Karamunsing is also known as the IT place where you will find most of the computer stores here including repair shops for computers. Most of them are located on the 3rd Floor

Karamunsing Komplek maybe known for the IT place but it is not known for good restaurants. There is a food court at basement but the food quality here is poor. Food stalls serving Malay food dots the outside of the building and usually only comes alive in the evening.

The only restaurant worth mentioning is a vegetarian buffet restaurant call UNAGI. Why it has Japanese word is because it used to be a Japanese restaurant until the owner converted it. Costing only RM9.90 per person it is value for money. You can eat all you want including coffee and tea. Vegetarian sushi is also served in the buffet menu so that is a big plus.

For those who prefer fast food, there is a Mcdonald and KFC here too.

In the past years, the management has encourage more Malay clothing vendors to open there shop here. Other clothing is limited and there are no high end store brand names here.

There is no longer any supermarket here since GIANT close down their branch in 2016.

The only entertainment is KK Box, a karaoke outlet. There used to be kids center at the basement but that closed down sometime ago.

The management is planning to build a hotel within the mall itself but have yet to commencement construction at the time of writing this. Therefore the nearest hotel is Palace hotel which is a five minute walk away.

Shopping in Karamunsing Kompleks

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