Shopping in Imago KK Times Square

Imago Shopping Mall is not as big and grand as 1Borneo which continues to hold the title as the biggest in Sabah but it is one of the best mall to visit in KK. Somehow KK people seemed to like Imago better than the others.

I would say the management is so much better than the others in making sure customers are happy. For me, clean and free toilet here beats all the others flat down. Let me repeat that again…FREE toilet. 

Imago management also goes to great extend to do up their seasonal attraction. The best that they ever did was building a life size haunted house right in the middle of the main podium. The queue to enter this attraction was endless. KK folks were clamoring to get a glimpse of the first haunted house attraction ever build on this land below the wind. There was long queue day and night. I did not enter though with my low level tolerance for horror.

You will find all the usual branded stores here e.g. Vincci, FOS, Uniglo, H&M etc. Parkson Grand is the biggest departmental store here. It is definitely the shopping place for KK folks unless sometime in future another bigger mall pops up.

What I love about Imago is their food outlet. Now here you can find unique food outlet with some style. Each one operates a whole shop so you have the comfortable eating ambience that does not exist in other malls. No food court here but a whole basement area just dedicated to food. You name it they got it from western to local except banana leaf. That I have not seen yet.

Just outside the building to an area they called Aramaitii walk facing the river canal is another stretch of food and drinking outlets. They installed these huge fans that keep the area breezy whole day long. Without the fans, it can be blistering hot in the day time of 34C.

For entertainment there is an MBO cinema, an archery outlet and amusement arcades on the 2nd Floor.

Everise Supermarket is located at the basement showing off a wide range of imported products. The goods sold here are not as cheap as Sunny Supermarket but if you are nearby then this is the only choice you have. At least the vegetables and fruits looks fresh and nicely packed.

There is no hotel located inside this mall but there are lots of budget ones at KK Times which faces Imago and is only a stones throw away.

KK Times Square Hotel

Manja Hotel

Kingston Hotel

Malar hotel

There is a possibility of staying above the mall by renting one of the lofts which can house up to 6 people and more. The loft is a condo unit within the mall itself with pool and gym facilities. It is individually owned but rented by companies that sell it out like a home stay by daily basis. A night stay here can range from RM300.00 and above. It’s a steal if you have a big group staying. The plus for staying at the loft is the kitchen facility that allows you to cook.

Further away for those wanting a stay at four or five star hotels is Ming Garden hotel and Promenade Hotel. It’s a good walk away though so do it only in the evening when it is less hot.

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Shopping in Imago KK Times Square
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