The Best of Bangkok - Part 2

This is my second part journal of my trip to Bangkok in 2014. You can read the first part HERE. Overall we spend five days in Bangkok.

On our second day in Bangkok, we moved to another hotel for the purpose of being nearer to the famous Platinum Mall. A shopping heaven for those who love shopping. You need not go anywhere else but here if you are looking for cheap and fashionable wear. Bear in mind if you are big in size then this mall may not be the right place as all the shops here do not provide changing room. They are mostly wholesaler so you need to buy a minimum three piece of clothe for the discount. 

With that said, let me describe our little hotel. It is clean but not in terrible condition. It has the visible wear and tear look. However the location is unbeatable. Just a walk away from all malls and eatries. It is also located in a back lane so not much noise to bug you at night. There is charged of 20bath for the internet and its not free. Howere for me thats ok since the room rate was pretty cheap and it also come with breakfast.

We moved out of Grottino Residences early and check into Bangkok City Hotel by 9:00 am. Since our rooms were not ready, we head out to look for breakfast and found this interesting coffeeshop by the end of the street facing Platinum Mall. 

After our delicious breakfast of duck and noodles, we head down to the mall. All the shops in Platinum mall are wholesalers and you will get a better price if you buy more than one item. Every shop sells a different fashion style from the other. This is what makes the mall unique to me. I end up buying six dresses, 2 office jacket and 8 blouses.

Above the mall is a whole floor dedicated to food. They also uses coupon method for payment. The range of food is huge and so cheap. 

Late in the afternoon we headed by to Bangkok City Hotel to dump our purchases in the room. It was getting very heavy to carry. After that we took a tuk tuk and went to Siam Discovery to visit Madame Tussaud. Its myself time visiting a wax museum. It was interesting but for the price we paid I was expecting more. Luckily we bought the tickets online therefore much cheaper than purchasing at the venue. 

After our tour of Madame Tussauds, we spotted an ice cream shop that was offering a brand (The Cream & Fudge) I have not tested yet. It was pricy but worth it.

The rest of the day was spent walking around and we end up at the all too famous MBK shopping mall. By evening we decided to eat at MBK and head back by tuk tuk to Bangkok City Hotel. We tried Santa Fe, which was a franchise found in almost all the malls. The food was not the greatest but definitely the price was cheap.

The next day we woke up early and grab a taxi to Chatuchak markets. Somehow we got there too early as I presume it should open early since it was a market but at last it was not. It seemed to open as usual just like every other mall around 11am. This is a huge weekend market. We did not wait for the rest of the stalls to fully open. We guess the product would be almost the same as those found at the malls. It was hotter here and less comfortable so we decided to head back to Platinum mall for a last spree.

In the afternoon after feeling the ache of our tired feet, we decided to head down to watch a 4d movie at Siam paragon mall. It was a good experience. The seat moves, spit water and blows air just like those you find at theme parks but this one lasted the whole length of the movie. Luckily it only moves intermittently. I think you can get nauseated if it moves continuously. My other half was persistent about getting himself some popcorn and a drink. He ordered a giant size combo and it comes with a plastic cup which you can bring home as a souvenir. 

After the movie we head back to our hotel and later head down to Big C supermarket near to our hotel for dinner. As you can in the picture above, a view from our room window is Big C. There is a reasonable size food court on the top floor.

Our breakfast at the Hotel on the day after. Not a lot of variety but it was sufficient to fill our stomach. What we failed to do in our Bangkok holiday was getting to eat in good thai food restaurant. Nevertheless at least I got to try my coconut ice cream and sticky mango rice! :)


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