The Best Pizza In Kota Kinabalu

In my hunt for the best pizza in Kota Kinabalu, one must visit two known and famous Italian restaurant namely Little Italy and Grazie Cafe. Both restaurant are run by Mat Salleh chefs which is probably why local trust this joint more than others.

There are many cafes and restaurant in town that serves pizza so it will take some time to cover all the restaurants. For sure, by the time I end up visiting all, some restaurant may have already closed up for good. I heard that business in KK is getting worst because cost of living is getting more expensive.

For an example just look at Grazie's pizza which cost RM28.80 a piece. There was nothing less than that price in their menu. Not many people can afford going there repeatedly even if their pizza is the best in town. I hope Grazie stays open long enough for all of you to try it.

Rank One
Grazie Cafe - 3rd Floor, Suria Mall
RM28.80 for a large size pizza
Very thin crust and the edges nicely puff up.

Rank Two
Pizza Hut - Everywhere
I cannot help but place Pizza up here at Rank Two because of pricing and taste. You just cannot beat their pricing. It is the cheapest.

Rank Three
Aroma Ristorante - Damai Plaza, Luyang
RM16.90 for a medium size pizza
Thin crust but not as thin as Grazie's and the edges does not puff up much. Less flavour because chef does not use much salt or herbs in his pizza. Well at that price I guess the chef has to make some profit.

Little Italy - to be tasted soon

Rank Four
Santinos Pizza - Damai Plaza
Very generous on the toppings

Rank Five
Toscani - Kota Kinabalu Waterfront
Not my best pic taken using my old samsung. Regarding the pizza, it was just so-so.

Rank Six
Pezzo Pizza - Beach Street Jalan Gaya
A new pizza chain just opened recently selling by sliced. Thick dough. Not my kind. Taste ok. Price very cheap at only 5.90 per slice.