Universal Studio Singapore Vs Disneyland Hong Kong Vs Legoland JohorBahru

I like theme parks. In my younger days they were not many theme parks being build yet especially those with big brand name like Disney and Universal. You also have to fly very far to visit them. In the last few years they have all come into Asian region and finally I have the chance to be a young kid again.

This year I visited 3 theme parks. The first theme park I visited was Universal Studios Singapore. Since this is not my first time to USS, I knew about the famous long waiting time for popular rides. Not waiting to get caught in one, I read up on tips about avoiding queues in theme parks.

FIRST tip. Go early. Preferably before the gate open.

SECOND tip. Read and study the map. Pick out the rides that you really like and musttry.

THIRD tip. Walk fast and do not stop for photos. There will be plenty time for that later.

Do all the above and you should be able to avoid most of the queues.

I followed the tips for USS. The moment the gate opened we head left towards Transformer and took the ride. It was awesome. Best ride among all three theme park. This is one of those rides where you will find long queues so if you want to avoid that then follow my tip.

After Transformer we head to the indoor mummy ride. Here you have to leave all your bags, camera and phone in the locker. The locker is free for the First hour.

When you finish the ride, you have an option to take your bag or just leave the bag in the locker because the next ride is a wet one. They will allow you to take your bags with you for the river ride but bear in mind you will definitely get wet. The locker at Jurrasic ride is not free and requires money. They also sell rain coat there but we came prepared. We bought ours from Watson which is cheaper.

Take note the river ride only starts at 11.00 am while the park itself opens at 10.00 am. In one hour you can cover the two big rides transformer and mummy in a wink with plenty of time to spare. We even squeeze in the high rider and still had 20 mins before 11.00.

Our mistake was not being patient to wait out that 20 mins. We thought we might as well try the fantasy ride which says 5 mins waiting time. The wait took longer than 5 mins. By the time we finish and got to the river ride, there was already a long queue. Due to the wait we missed the water world show which started at 12.00 noon.

Although getting wet might not be your thing but this river ride was worth getting wet. Shoes will definitely get wet so be prepared to take it off if you do not want soggy socks.

The street shows were cool.

I also like the fact that USS has a big roof over a big part of the main street which provide shelter from any possible down pour.

Unlike Disneyland Hong Kong where there was no big overhead roof and if it was not for our raincoat, we would be soaked thru. Sadly the day we visited disneyland was a rainy day.

We end up stopping at Grizzle Gulch for an early lunch to avoid the rain.  As the rain slowed to a drizzle, we head out to the next ride. The best part of having the rain was that less people queing at the rides.

We got to Disneyland early and followed the tips to beat the queue. However like I already mentioned since it was raining most of the time there was not many long queue to worry about.

The unique thing about Disney is their fast passed queue tickets which you can find at entrance of all major rides. So choose carefully as it only dispense the next tickets after you have utilize the first reserved ride. Each fast passed tickets has a one hour wait before you can use it. In that one hour you can head out to try the other attraction.

The best ride in the park for me was the mystery manor. The runaway rail was also good. Most rides in Disney is pretty easy and nothing extreme unlike those you find at USS.

Even on a cold raining day I could not resist a mickey ice cream.

Legoland Johor Bahru was the opposite from rainy Disney. If not for the clouds it would have been hot and a sweaty day. Even with the clouds it was still hot and sweaty. There were not many shady places or trees so bring along an umbrella if you do not want to get burn.

The rides at Legoland is at the same level of as Disneyland. Not so extreme and perfect for the kids and adults like me.

The only attraction I find interesting to write about this Legoland is the game booths.The games are easy to win unlike those found in Genting Resort and you are guarantee to bring home a toy.

The mini Lego world was also interesting see. However this area has no trees so you cannot browse long.

Legoland is still considered new so the trees are still not yet tall enough to provide enough shade.

Among the three parks I rank USS 1st, Disneyland 2nd and Lego 3rd.