The Best Shopping Mall In Kota Kinabalu

There are not one but many complexes in KK. With less than a 1 million population in KK town, it’s a wonder how these complexes will survive the long-term haul. True enough some are dying if not already dead. No matter what the owner or management does, it just cannot pull the crowd.

However I have to give credit to the owner of Komplek Karamunsing. Not only he revived an old complex which was dead but made it a bustling complex that specialized in IT (computers) and electronics. Bad rumor that there is a crack in this building still circulate among the locals. This has destroyed part of the pull for this complex. Maybe in time people will forget. Maybe not.

1Borneo Hypermall was the hype place to be when it opened. It is considered the biggest mall in Kota Kinabalu and still is at this point of writing but to me not the best. Since it is so far away from town, the management no longer provides free shuttle from center town to the mall. However there is still a few buses that goes directly to this mall from the city. You can find almost everything in this mall.

Wisma Merdeka is one of the oldest mall in KK. It is conveniently located so it is still popular until today. This mall sells mainly clothing and reasonably price ones too. If I am looking to buy a pair of new clothing from festive occasion, this is the place I would be browsing at.
Suria Mall is undoubtedly the most popular mall. It new, near and their huge car park area is a big draw. Not forgetting their anchor tenant is Metro Departmental Store. Just like 1Borneo it also sells branded clothing but not as many in term of the number of shops available.

Center Point Sabah is not new but doing pretty well despite all the other bigger complexes spurting around it. I like CP because it does not just cater to branded store but also has a number of cheap clothing shops. It is not limited like Wisma Merdeka but almost as big as 1Borneo with its own cinema, game area, food outlet and department stores. It might not be new and glamour like Suria Mall but it got its own charm too and has done a lot of upgrading to compete with the others.

Suria Sabah struggled to flourish at the beginning. Now it is one of the main malls in KK. Not very big but it has a nice food court and international brands with Metrojaya Department Store as the anchor tenant.

Imago KK Times is the bad ass mall at the point of writing this in KK. The mall you must go if you are in KK. You can expect huge crowd size during weekends.

Oceanus Mall is located strategically right in the middle of CPS and Imago but strangely the crowd just do not seemed to like this mall. It is not a very big mall, quite dead and the tenants keeps on changing. They do have one of the best view of the sea front tho. Good place to take photographs. 

Megalong Mall as its name state is a very long mall. Its the longest mall in KK. Located at donggongon town and far from KK city. This mall is in dire need for an ungrade. 

Star City Kota Kinabalu is a forgotten mall for most locals. Its been dead for a long time now. I hope one day I will write a better review of this mall. Maybe it will spring up again just like Komplek Karamunsing did. Nothing is ever dead. It just need a motivated and innovated business man to jive up the place. Nevertheless, there are still some shops surviving in this mall notable souvenirs stalls and Welcome Seafood Restaurant. Every blog about KK will talk about Welcome so I am not going to elaborate about it here.

City Mall
This mall is located off jalan Lintas.


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