The Best Science And Technology Center In Kota Kinabalu

If you are a local, some of you must be wondering "Got Kah?". Our local S&T centres are very small and not many locals even know it exist. Maybe my topic should have just said Science with the Technology removed. 

The green connection is a lost and forgotten location. It may or may not be running but last Sunday (25th November 2013) I notice a small directional signage just put up by the side of the road. I believe this is a good indication that the center is still running.

My last and only visit to Green Connection was in 2011. That was ages ago. Even then I thought the place already look a little tired and needs some upgrading to parts of its exhibition.

In 2011 the entrance fee was RM25 but since then they have reduced the price to RM15 for Malaysians.

You can check out their website for the current price rate.

Again I am going reiterate, in my 2011, the science section was still operating. It was located on the upper floor of the building. When I checked out trip adviser review there was no mentioned of it in any of the latest review so I cannot guarantee that it is still there.
Therefore the best science and techonology center will be the Petrosains Center located at Sabah State Library at Jalan Maktab, Luyang. 
It is the best because it is FREE! No entrance fee. Most of the displays are in good working condition and reasonably new. You can spend a hour just browsing around. I think Petronas did a good job giving something back to the locals.
I really enjoyed their interactive touch screen display about renewable energy. It even takes photo of you. Yourself truly is seen below on the monitor as  the new Energy Minister.

They also have this cool real life electric car on display park in front of the building. Cooler still if we could test drive it!