The Best Pork Noodle Soup or Sang Nyuk Mee in Kota Kinabalu

KK has a number of pork noodle soup stall with different taste from one stall to the other.

The famous one is called Sinsuran Sang Yuk Mee. They have branches all around KK. It is called Sinsuran because the original shop started in that area.

I can still remember my dad bringing me there and how tasty the soup was.  Since they have gone franchise, price per bowl has also gone up. With so many branches, the real cook is no longer serving and the workers do all the work.

Kedai Kopi Melanian is another, famous for its pork noodle soup. They have 3 outlets that I have spotted so far at Lintas Plaza, Jalan Pantai and at Inanam Bus Station. You can ask for kon lau (noodle dry with soup at the side) or mee soup (noodles with soup).

I think the soup in Kedai Kopi Melanian is sweeter than those at Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mee. However the pork meat is chewy and not as tender as those you find in Sinsuran. 

The lastest Pork Noodle that I have tasted which I have to say is the best to my taste  located at 88 Market Kedai Kopi Yuan Suang. I think it beats the two above because they used a lot of pork oil to give it that unique taste.

Kedai Kopi Jia Siang is another famous pork noodle shop (located at Lintas Plaza) which opens daily for breakfast lunch and dinner. Finding a pork noodle shop open for dinner is very rare. So if you have craving for pork noodle at night, this is the outlet for you.

Kah Hiong Zhu Chap at Lintas Square serves good Pork Noodle. The unique thing about their dish is the addition of melon pieces in each bowl. The meat is thicker and the soup broth is clear.