The Best Japanese Set Lunch In Kota Kinabalu

I rarely eat Japanese cuisine for dinner. I guess its because of the price and value I get. The portion and pricing is better if eaten during lunch than dinner, since their lunch set menus are more worth it.
Miso Restaurant located at Karamunsing Capital has a very impressive beef teppanyaki set. There are many extras included within the set.
Nishiki is by far my most favourite Japanese restaurant. I have never liked Japanese food much until I tasted Nishiki's beef set meal. Nishiki is also the ONLY restaurant that serves you hot towel before and after meals. That is what I call service. :)
They have a number of set meals...costing about RM19...I always order the beef set meal. All set meal comes with an appetiser, the main course and a bowl of fruit. This round...we were given poached eggs as seen in the picture below. I dont like poached eggs so hubby ate all. Other times I have tasted fried dried anchovies (ikan bilis) with preserved carrots and macaroni salad.
My main meal...a bowl of rice, miso soup, the stir fried beef with ginger, preserved cabbage as condiments and a bowl of radish sauce for dipping Tempura (various ingredients dipped in batter and deep fried).
Since prices of food have increased, Nishiki has also altered their menu. Now the beef set comes with Chawanmushi (steamed egg) instead of the tempura set.

Nishiki, without doubt, serves the best Japanese Set Lunches in KK.