The Best Dim Sum Restaurant In Kota Kinabalu

When it comes to dimmies, I am not sure which of the dim sum shop serves the best because one shop may serve the perfect Siew Mai but lousy Chee Cheo Fun or makes good Cha Siu Pau but bad at making Taro Root Dumplings (Wo Kwok). I guess each Restaurant has their specialty. So if you ask me which is the best? I do not know.

Wong Kok Restaurant 
Wong Kok Restaurant basically has two branches. One is located at Luyang adjourned to Petronas and the other at Wisma HCS behind Servay Penampang. I do like their big size dumplings that they are famous for. Everything from shumai to other wrapped dumplings are bigger than other restaurants.

Foo Phing Restaurant

Foo Phing Restaurant by far I say is the HOTSPOT to be at if you are craving for dim sum. The choices are many from normal shumai to green shumai. Small steam bun to big steam buns. So many varieties that you end up eating more than you stomach can handle. If you are looking for variety then this is the place to go. I believe because they are going for variety, their dimmies are not as large those you find at Wong Kwok.

Foo Phing also has a takeway stall which opens until late in the evening. Good for a late night snack.

Dim Sum Recipe

Dim Sum Recipe is located at Lintas Plaza. They do not have many variety as you can see in the picture below.