The Best Banana Fritters In Kota Kinabalu

Pisang Goreng as it is known by the locals. This is a favourite local afternoon snacks. You can find them in many coffeeshops around KK and even in markets.

RM1.00 can get you 6 to 8 pieces of fried banana fritters.
One of my favourite place to find banana fritters is at Wisma Kosan Mart opposite All Saints School. They usually served their fried fritters with sambal. There are two stalls here competing each other. Some prefer the first stall and others the 2nd.

Beside banana fritters, they also sell other type of snacks dipped in batter such as sweet potatoes, tapioca, jackfruits and even durian if it is in season.

If you are in KK town, you can find some banana fritters at a corner shop opposite the Horizon Hotel. 

Another place to find them is at Tg Aru market or at Lido market. Lido banana fritter is the only stall that is run by a Chinese couple. They fried them big and chunky. 

By far my favourtie stall for banana fritters is located at Jamil Curry House at Grace Square Sembulan. They sell the best in my opinion because of its crunchiness.

Now days banana fritters are also served in your preferred topping of either chocolate, cheese or both.