Shanghai to Suzhou for Octoberfest Part 2

I was still sick when we reach Suzhou. This out of the plan trip was to satisfy a friends request to try Octoberfest in China

We arrived Suzhou by train. There was a guard that stood in the middle of the station. His job was basically helping people to find their direction. He was quite helpful.

Octoberfest in China would have been pretty fun if I was not sick. Beer and food was plentiful. The band playing was an authentic one from Germany so that was interesting. My first Octoberfest, amazingly done in China.

I have to tell you that our hotel was amazing. Very nice decor and exceptionally attentive to minute details. Even the hair dryer was packed inside a chinese bag. Chinese sandals instead of disposable slippers. Every room has a balcony with bathtub or shower to choose from.

The breakfast was also five star standard. Scholars Hotel is a very nice hotel to stay in but a little far away from town center.

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