Kota Kinabalu to Shanghai Part 3

Its back to Shanghai after our short overnight trip to Suzhou to experience Octoberfest.

From our beautiful 5 star hotel in Suzhou to our 1 star hotel which has a rubbish dump as its entrance. Luckily the rooms were clean. I would not recommend staying at this chain again if I come to China though because they have very hard beds.

Our Shanghai friends took us to eat at the famous Bellagio. I loved their peanut butter ice cream. Really delicious and rich.

After lunch we dropped by Xintindi and ordered drink at Coffee Bean. Xintindi is my kind of place because it is very modern looking.

By evening, we head down to Hyatt Hotel by the Bund and had some drink at the Vue. It was fantastic view of the city from there. You have to pay a fee if you sat at the window area after 8pm. Luckily we got there earlier and left before 8.

Later we head to Da Marco for some supper. It is an Italian restaurant located very near to our hotel. According to our Shanghai friends, another famous restaurant in the city. I guess there were right because it was full when we got there.

The next morning on our last day at the city, we head out to find Jingan temple for a quick visit. Before that more dumplings for breakfast and I must say that this outlet has the best among all that I have tried so far.

Jianan temple is an interesting visit because the temple with all its history sits nicely among all the new modern high rise buildings. There is a 30 yuan fee to enter but somehow we snook in without paying.

After our temple visit we decided to go back to Nanjing road to find souvenirs. The scene at Nanjing Road during day time is different from night time. Personally I prefer night time.

After purchasing all that we could carry, we stop for lunch at Old Colour Restaurant that serves only chinese food. The taste was ok but a little too oily.

A lovely cake. My last meal in Shanghai before we left for Hangzhou and catch our flight back to KK.

Unique fruit that we found in Shanghai. It has a soft outer skin and quite sweet inside. Nothing I have ever tasted before.

Last of all before I end my long journey is to tell you that everything and I mean EVERYTHING we bought was expired including the pepsi bottle. So as a warning to whoever goes to China, please check the expiry date before you purchase. Including those sold at the airport because that was where I bought my pepsi. What a waste!

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog when I was looking for comparison among the different theme parks here in Southeast Asia. Had a good browse with your blog and found that you visited beautiful Shanghai, I've been there as well and had the same experience, hospital visit and the confusion with the expiration dates.
    However in China, they actually stamp the food with the date they were manufactured/produced! On the other side of the packaging though you will see further information about the product like the ingredients etc, but you might see a text that says "6个月" THAT is actually the expiration "date" of the product, it means that the product is good for consumption up to the said number of months since it was manufactured.
    I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Kristina, YESSSSSSsssss...you are right and I only realised that in my next trip to china. Wasted my money cause I threw everything away. Silly me. :)


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