Titi Fisherman Village in Tanjung Aru Kota Kinabalu

Titi Fisherman Village is located in Tg Aru. It is not very hard to find this place. I call it a lost hidden jewel because it holds a sight that is breathtaking yet not known by even some local.

In fact, this was my first visit to the place even after seeing it many times from the distance as I drive down to Tanjung Aru (Tg Aru). It took many years until today that I finally decided I must visit today or never.

Starting from Sutera Harbour Traffic Light junction I walked along the river drain by the golf course. You will notice these dark white color fishes swimming in the drain water. Thousands of them. I am wondering how they can survive in that dirty water with rubbish floating all around them. Sad to see but better than what I will encounter later.

As you walk you will notice the viewing point at the horizon. This is where I am heading to. Its been like a beacon to me for ages.

You have to walk into Taman Sempelang houses and look out for house no 18. In front of house no 18 you will notice a narrow metal bridge.

Cross that bridge and you will find the big tree. Take the right road and walk a little further until you come to the first junction on your right (shown in the picture with the white car). Take this right turn and look out for the start of the walkway to the viewing point.

You will get to glimpse life in a water village. Strangely I felt a little intimidated and very out of place here. I looked very much like a tourist with my camera snapping away endlessly.

The view at the viewing point was breathtaking. On your right you can see Pacific Sutera Harbour Hotel and on your left at the far end you can also spot Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort.

The locals were also enjoying the sunset and soft breeze from the sea. Some kids playing around the walkway and old children trying their luck at fishing. Its like a back garden for them.

As we walk back to go home, we were presented with this gruesome mountain of rubbish that had collected by the seaside. I was speechless to see and angry that authorities did not take any action on this matter. They should do more public awareness regarding littering and getting the locals living here to do periodic cleanup.

Would I recommend a tourist to visit this place? I would and also warn them prepare to be disgusted too.