Genting Highland Resort Holiday Trip With Family

Its 1138 pm and I am on the way to Genting by Aerobus. 

I bought our tickets online which gives me 15% discount as against buying at the counter.

This bus is going quite fast from the way we keep on passing other cars. We left lcct at 1115. It was earlier than the time scheduled about 15mins. I had a quick lunch at the terminal building itself. Lousy dry mee hoon. For the price I paid, better eat at the fast food outlet which probably has better food quality. As we drove on I began to doze off. Only woke up when I felt my ears pop due air pressure. Our formula one bus driver has also slowed down due to the climb up but still faster than other busses.

Despite the speed, we got to Genting safely. The bus did not stop at the entrance of First World lobby but a little further down at the Bus Terminal. We had to drag our bags up the slope to the lobby. We tried checking in using the self check in kiosk but somehow my 2nd night booking was not registered. The officers manning the kiosk directed us to the front office counter. 

What's the point of having self check in kiosk when you still have do the manual way.

The front office officer told us that it will take sometimes for them to trace the payment. I took this opportunity to walk back to the strawberry stall I pass earlier and purchase some strawberries dip with chocolate. 

The taste was not that great because they use low grade chocolate. Despite the poor taste it still went down fast shared between 3 people.

At the same time another squabbles was happening besides us at the front office counter. An Arab couple was trying to check but apparently their booking was cancelled. The officer told them to call their travel agent at their home town to check. This infuriated the wife of the couple who insisted they had already checked and confirm the payment before coming down. 

I was worried if I might end up being furious myself if they can't trace my booking. Luckily mine was ok and we got our keys.

The room was better than I expected. They must have just refurbished it not too long ago. I booked two rooms and they gave me one with adjoining rooms.

The windows faces opposite the other rooms which you can see in the picture looks very near. I had to keep the curtain close most of the time. 

The toilet and bath area was very small. The wash basin outside. The LCD TV size, very mini. It looks sad hanging on the big wide wall. No kettle and no safe box. There is a water dispenser at the hall way though. 

Just fan and no air condition. It was cold most of the time and if you want it colder than just keep the windows open. I guarantee it will freeze your butt.

After a quick refresh, we three musketeers head out to explore Genting. First stop was to visit the strawberry farm by taking the skyway cable car. Going down was very thrilling. It only took 20 mins to reach the main station. There is a snack shop at the station that sells all types of preserved fruits, nuts, fried squid, jellies and biscuits. You can taste everything for free which we did. Who can resist free stuff right?

To get to the strawberry farm, you can go by taxi or wait for the free shuttle. We decided not to waste time and paid RM25 for a cab which includes a stop by at the chocolate shop. The shop is just the usual shop that sells chocolate and nothing interesting to see.

The strawberry farm was however the opposite. All free except for the lavender farm. I think RM3 entrance fee is just too pricey. Only a few varieties of flowers were planted and it’s a small lavender farm. I would be more impress if it’s a large farm whereby you cannot even see the end of it. 

Next stop was the mushroom house which is also in the same vicinity as the strawberry farm. Free and interesting. There are some stalls selling souvenir, gift shop, bee farm and even wild animals that's you touch for a fee. Again not everything is free.

On the way back to the cable car station, our taxi driver informs us about a bus that fell down the ravine. By the time we got back to first world hotel I had received two texts from friends concern that I might have been in that crash. It turns out to be one of the worst bus accidents in Malaysian history.

The cable car ride back was uneventful except for the long queue with bus load of tourist from China. Thus our cable car was filled right to the max. Luckily no one had bad BO.

As I approach the main plaza, the smell of food started to entice me. The rest of my family was also affected so we stopped at Flavors Restaurant for a Chinese dinner. The food price in Genting are mostly expensive and the food quality poor but since all of us were hungry it didn't matter.

The next morning I had some Tai pau and hubby had some porridge.

The rest of the day was spent eating and visiting the few stores available at the plaza. This is not my first time here. I have been to their theme park twice. This time I decided to opt out and just walk around as well as enjoying the cold weather.

Interesting enough you can find Durian here too. There is also a hall that displays chronological story of Genting Resort development located at Genting Highland Hotel.

Hubby tried his luck a few times in the fun fair games but it was my daughter that finally won a prize for a popcorn voucher.

After trying a few eating places, my final conclusion is the best place to eat here would be the Kopitiam because of the portion and price. I only tried this food court on our last night. Would have been here sooner if I knew about it. There is also free Malay Mail paper stand complimentary from Genting which you can find just outside the food court.

Temperature got as high as high20c and got as low as 13c. It’s wonderful to watch the clouds floating in. Truly this place is above the clouds.

It was a very cold morning on our last day at Genting. Checking out was easy. Just slid the door card into the check out kiosk. It must be link with housekeeping in the 15th floor. With 40 mins to spare, we decided to have some breakfast a lobby cafe. 

The nasi lemak is a hopeless heap but the roti telur was yum.

I hired a taxi for rm180. It took us direct to LCCT. On the way down I was hoping to see the place of the bus accident but the police had re routed the traffic. 

Genting is a good place to visit but do not stay long. An overnight trip is good enough. I think two nights is an overstay. There is plenty to do here if this is your first visit. However it gets pretty boring if you have been here before and casino is not your cup of tea. 

By the way I lost RM100 in the slots hoping to win the jackpot.