Tanjung Aru Kota Kinabalu

I consider Tanjung Aru as my hometown. Tanjung means peninsular and Aru is the local name of the pine tree that grows abundantly at Tanjung Aru beach. 

The beach is less than a kilometer from the town. The town consist a few blocks of old shop houses. As you approached the town you will see the famous landmark that is the picture shown above. 

When you turn into the town you see a building which used to be town theater but now has been converted into a Church. The town itself has an ESSO petrol station that looks run down but has very good service. There is also a post office that has one seeming uptight male superviser, a police station and a wet market.

There are two famous supermarket here. The first is called Whole Sale Mart. Wholemart is not very big. Just about two shop lot size. Sunny supermarket however is larger and plenty free parking space I prefer to shop in Sunny because it has more goods. They also price their stuff reasonably. Sunny is located just outside the main town. Still within walking distance if you are staying in town. 

There are plenty to eat in Tanjung Aru. If you want to taste the local food this is the place to hang out.

Kedai Kopi Ming Seng
Kedai Soon Hing
Soto Ayam

There are two hotel here and one backpacker lodge. Located almost next to each other.

Megah D Aru
Rohaya Backpacker

Just across the street is Tanjung Aru Plaza. Next to the Plaza is a space which will fill up with food stalls every evening catering mostly to malay food.

Opposite Tanjung Aru Plaza is Perdana Park where the locals would do their jogging. You can also see the one and only music fountain in KK here. Perdana Park is located between the town and the beach. There is no entry fee to enter but if you are driving then you will have to pay for the parking fees.

KK Terminal 2 Airport is also located at Tanjung Aru. You can walk from the town to the airport which is about 1.5km away. With no shady trees along the walk way so it will be a very hot stroll. I would not recommend this unless its night time and you feel bored.

Nearer to the beach are three lodging. 2 not so famous and one very famous.

Borneo Beach House
Casuarina Hotel

There is another park at the beach called Prince Philip Park. The park is famous for their green parakee and occasionally if you are lucky you will see a hornbill too. I used to jog in this park and I was lucky to see spot one. You can see a number of local birds here. Best time to visit is go in the early morning.