Upperstar Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

I have been meaning to blog about Upperstar for many ages but never got down to it. I always frequent this joint...I guess for their smoothie...argueable the best in town...very rich in flavour.

The mango smoothie is their best. The food offered are pretty limited but reasonably priced and quite tasty too. I usually order grilled chicken and ask for black pepper sauce instead of the usual (I cant remember the original at the time of writing this blog). If I feel ravenous...then I will order the minute steak as shown below...take note...not for heavy eaters...it is very mini. Original their pizza was not very good...cannot beat little italy but in this visit they seemed to have improved. Just writing this blog makes me feel hungry for Upperstar again...food is reasonably good and price is pretty ok too so dont be surprise to find it packed with people especially at the Lintas branch...always so full even getting a parking is a pain. I prefer to go to Damai or KK branch. Cant wait to check out their Suria Mall!!!

Another plus point for Upper is their free use of PC at selected tables...you have to go early if you one to use one...good for the kiddoes...let them occupied while you wait for your food to be ordered...better than them running around.. :) Or better still if you got a boring date...bring him/her here...play FB to avoid talking too much...hahahaha!