Myne Resort Kinabatangan

Visited this Myne Resort in Kinabatangan Sandakan last year 2010. Its not very easy to find this resort...quite deep inside kampung and no gravel road. But once you past the guard house...its a WOw!

Right smack in the middle of the jungle is this beautiful resort...very idylic. Right next to the river kinabatangan too. They have one restuarant so at least you wont stave...the nearest restaurante is kilometers away so packed your bags with lots of maggie mee if you are coming here. They offered boat ride to cruise along the river...and you can see probosis monkey, orang utan and wild boar...we lucky and got to see all three animals. You can do hiking too...they said got this HUge tree but I was not keen on hiking.

Lots of bugs around but no mosquitoe...a huge moths...see pic below...early in the morning the whole area is misty and freshing and wonderful to see.