Kuching Sarawak

The first day in kuching we visited the Indian Street. The highlight of this street is a narrow alley or narrow passageway that the local use to cross between the two main streets.

Not too far away...still within walking distance...you will find the wet market. Here we stopby and had some snacks...ice kacang and sotong kangkung. Not very nice but sufficient enuf to cold down as it was a hot day.

In Kuching a visit to the The Spring Mall is a must. Its the biggest and quite crowded during that time we went due to the Gawai Season. Their food court is pretty good...got quality like Taiwan bus station 1st floor...not like that in KK...I think KK need to upgrade lohh...

Here we visited Kuching Park, in the middle of the park you will find a shop famous for its ice kacang. Its a family run business...apparently has been operating for ages. At that time of visit, there was a bit of squabbling between the dad/founder/waiter and the son/ice kacang operator regarding the system/method of making the ice kacang...it was amusing to see that happening.

This cat statue is a landmark...many cat statue around in Kuching town...for sure. :)

Carpenter Street is where you will find the chinese shops...lots of temple here too. There is one stretch of shops where they do moulding of alumium by hand...tong! bang! tong! ting! tong!...kind of loud but interesting to see them doing it...no young guys doin them...only old timers

Kuching river front is beautiful...day or night. We took a sun set cruise down the river...only RM15 per head...its worth even dime.

We took a drive down to visit Telaga Air in Kuching. Its a seaside town. The governmnet build a nice building to recognised the well but vandalism is off the chart in this little town. Look below picture to see their works of art.

Thru hubby's contact, we managed to get this nice room for RM100 with breakfast for two...isnt a steal!!! Big huge room but a little run down especially noticable in the bathroom area...other than that everything else was prefect...breakfast has a mediocrely wide selection. Got pool too. Location neither too far or too near. Its about 10 to 15 mins walk to the waterfront.

On our last day we move to another hotel called Harbour View much closer to the waterfront. Just 2 mins walk. The room is not as large as continental but still nice enough.

We got a chance to pay a visit to this just opened water park in Kuching called Sinar Serapi located at Matangjaya. The whole complex is not done yet. I dont know why they open so fast. Its not good for publicity if you open a business half done. Nevertheless to say that the owner has a grand plan in store for this water park. For now visiting this place is not much...only fun for the kiddoes...and the water flowing in the pool is kind of muddy...There is a huge pool/pond for those who want to do kayaking.

Found this nice indian restaurant not too far away from Grand Continental Hotel Kuching. Its call Lyn's Thandoori Restuarant. Their thandoori chicken is of course speciality. The owner was also very nice...chatty guy. But overall cost of food is a little bit high...so be warn.

Every time we go to Kuching...visiting this Thai restaurant is a MUST. The pineapple rice is superb!!! Take note tho the cost of food is also pricey. They served this nice Keropok with thai sauce...delicious. Keropok was very very tasty...probably bought from the shop in bintulu.

Choon Hui Cafe restaurant serves one of the best laksa in town. Altho hubby dubby said there is another one that serves the best of all the best. I think this one is quite good. A must try if you come down to Kuching. Its located right in front of Grand Continental Hotel. Very easy to find. Dont forget to try the chinese popiah too.

We visited hubby's friend shop in Kuching called porgie. All his grilled food is very tasty. Its his very own special sauce that he uses to marinated the meats. There isnt much choice to choose from the menu. No fish, the owner said soon he will add those it. The grilled dishes does not come with cordiment so you definately have to order some side dishes if you are a big eater. The grilled pork ribs is a MUST try. Its huge...about 1kg so be prepared. :) We also tried the german sausages...those were nice too...

Maria Dessert House is an interesting cafe. Lots of greenery inside this shop.

This cafe is found just down the road from Harbour View Hotel. Looks cozy at night but lots of mosquitoes so make sure you ask for the risect coil to burn. Food is mediocre...Hubby didnt like his...my baked rice was ok. Its probably a chain of the "After Three" restaurant here in Sarawak. Heard from locals that there is a restaurant called after 5 too. For sure I have seen those named "After Three" in Miri and in Bintulu...Not yet in KK...maybe oneday soon...