UK Fun Fair

UK Fun Fair came to town! The highlight of the whole fair is definately the Space Gun. I tried this ride in Jerudung Park Brunei many years ago...that was my first and last...its always good to try once but I aint getting on the second time. At this age...those things look scary.

Most of the rides LOOK scary because of their rickity condition. All rides cost 2 token and one token cost RM2 each. The ghost train was a waste of money according to suzanna. I didnt even bother to try but Suzanna has no choice because the girls were afraid to go on their own.

The only ride I did try was the seat with the umbrella. That was a smooth ride...nothing to scream about.

The other attraction was the TACADA ride...every ride has some dude doing a dance in the middle of the machine while it was turning. I found that interesting. While the rest of the riders were screaming their head off, these dancers keep on gyriting and made it look pretty easy!

The girls tried almost all the rides except the Space Gun. If you are trying the Flume prepared to get wet. And I mean it...even with a rain coat...YOU WILL GET WET... :)...try not to scream when you go down the slide or else some of that dirty water will get into your mouth!!


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