Sibu Sarawak

Wrapped up chicken and ducks! So cute huh? From them at Sibu market which is closeby to our  Hotel.
We got a room at Premier Hotel Sibu on the 12 floor which is the executive floor...fantastic view. Location was great too...everything is closeby...shops, cinema, market and Parkson...all within walking distance.

View from our hotel window on the 12 floor...

I was looking for the famous kuching laksa in Sibu but only found one that is close enough which was called Kampua Laksa. It is located right next door to the cinema in a shop called Golden Corner 2005. Its quite yummy...

These seemed to be the favourite local bake cakes in Sibu. Tried the cup cakes...a little dry...nothing to scream about. That big biscuit with sesame seed is quite good. I enjoyed chomping on that. Those tiny biscuit are filled with red bean paste...normal stuff...tasted better stuff else where...This shop is popular tho among the locals...endless of people buying cakes from them. It is located quite near to Permier Hotel.