Friday, May 6, 2011

The Chub's Grill Kota Kinabalu

Took my mom, dad and daughter to celebrate a dual birthday dinner at the Chub's grill. They have very minimum list of food so be prepared...just grill chicken, beef ribs, lamb shoulder and pork ribs.

Mom said the chicken was good. Dad agreed. If Dad who does not like chicken says its good...then I am very sure it was. :) I tried their beef rib and it was well marinated. Tender too. However I dont like the presentation of serving the food in a basket lined by brown paper. A few times the fork and knife sliced thru the paper.

The soup was ordinary. They also served free flow soft drinks at RM4 which was cool. Pricing was ok. They served lunch portion which is priced lower. My ribs cost me RM25. You also have a choice of french fries or rice. That package in the picture below is actually rice and that is also free flow. The rice is mixed with red beans...unique.

Dad tried the pork belly instead of pork ribs...he said it was not tender enough. Also it was very fatty...heck...when you come to this type of outlet...there is no dieting. :)

The restaurant is located at Karamunsing to Hang Li Po...

UPDATED : 17 July 2013 - This restaurant has a changed of management last year. New food and new presentation.