I went to Taiwan for a work visit in March 2011. It was my first experience facing a climate of 13C. I felt the chill on board the plane as it flew over Taiwan. Can you see the frost forming around the window plane? Thats how cold it was. I had on 4 layers of clothing most of the time in Tawian.

Taiwan food is very healthy. Soupy and less salt. I tried a variety of them




Breeze Taipei Station has a nice food court on the 2nd Floor which is where we usually have our meals.

I took time to visit some of interesting places in Taiwan. Taipei Eye is an opera show that is quite interesting to visit.

 Visit the Taiwan Zoo. Its a very big park. The panda bear is the highlight of the park. Sorry no pictures here. My foot hurt like hell at the end of the journey.

Took the cable car ride. It is quite close to the Taipei Zoo.

Beitou Hot Spring


Danshui is a fishing town close to the coast. It is also the spot for locals to hang out and have fun.

I stayed in two hotels. The first one is called Welcome Hotel. A very nice hotel. They provide buffet breakfast in room that has been converted into a cafeteria so it has very small space.

 Ferrary Hotel is not as good as welcome. Luckily we only stayed here for one night before we board the plane home.